At Glassopolis, our job is to help glass contractors win specialty glass projects. We’ve been distributing Lead X-Ray Protection / Radiation Shielding glass for more than 20 years. We’ll help you get the right glass for the job. Lead X-Ray glass is used in many hospital, security, and medical applications. It is specified by its 'lead equivalency', which is the degree to which it shields against radiation. We carry Lead X-Ray glass from many manufacturers, including RD 5D from SCHOTT AG.




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Lead X-Ray Radiation Shielding protective glass is available from Glassopolis in various sizes, thickneses, and lead density. It is available as a laminated glass for impact safety applications, and as an insulated glass unit for thermal applications. Certain densities of Lead X-Ray glass can also be thermally toughened as a safety glass.

Glass is superior to acrylic in radiation protective applications. Compared to acrylic, Lead X-Ray glass is much thinner and lighter. Acrylic also can yellow with age and be easily scratched. Acrylic also is often unacceptable in certain medical situations because it cannot be cleaned with certain disinfectants. Also, acrylic is flammable. Glass is available in laminated formats where impact safety is a requirement. Therefore, glass is the best choice for radiation protection.

Lead X-Ray glass comes in a variety of densities and thicknesses. These glasses contain lead oxide which absorbs X-Rays and are generally ordered in cut-to-size parts. Which glass is used depends on the “lead equivalency” required for the application.

General Characteristics

We have glass with lead equivalency ranging from 0.5 mm of lead to 6.0 mm of lead. The most common applications are:

2.0 mm of lead equivalent

  • Glass thickness is 8 mm (5/16”).
  • Aproximately 4.6 to 5 lbs/ft2 lead equivalency.
  • Typically used in most x-ray applications.

3.2 mm of lead equivalent

  • Glass thickness is 14 mm (9/16”).
  • Aproximately 7 to 7.5 lbs/ft2 lead equivalency.
  • Used where more protection is required.


Typical Lead Equivalency
2.0mm 8mm click for quote
3.2mm 14mm click for quote