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Glassopolis' parent company has been distributing schott borosilicate glass for decades and is a recognized leader in supplying oems, labs, r&d shops and industry with the right glass for their specialty applications. glassopolis has the expertise to help you get the glass you need, whether you need a piece, case or container, call glassopolis today.




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High quality, mutlifunction glass with exceptional thermal, chemical, and optical properties. READ MORE
Glass-ceramic glass with zero thermal expansion making it suitable for high temperature applications like heaters, stoves, fireplaces and more. READ MORE.
specialty coated glass that dramatically increases the amount of light passing through glass, making it nearly invisible. Perfect for storefronts, restaurant views, stadium railings etc. READ MORE
this specialty coated glass looks like a mirror under normal circumstances, but becomes very transparent when in front of a light background. Perfect for hiding flat screen TVs and other high tech applications in boardrooms, high-end retail and other.READ MORE