Introducing FIRESWISS made by Glas Trosch and distributed exclusively by Glassopolis. It is a premium Fire-Resistive glass from Europe that is now available in North America from Glassopolis. FIRESWISS by Glas Trosch is used world-wide by architects and developers in some of the most exciting and demanding commercial and institutional building projects. FIRESWISS can be used in applications where the highest quality clear transparent fire resistance is required. Contact Glassopolis for a solution to your architectural fire separations.




FIRESWISS is a fire-resistive glazing made in Switzerland by Glas Trösch AG and fabricated in North America by Glassopolis.

Glas Trösch is a 100 year old Swiss glass company. Its EuroGlas division is major primary glass producer, making over 3,000 tonnes of glass per day in 4 modern float plants. Glas Trösch has partnered with Glassopolis to introduce FIRESWISS products specifically designed for the North American fire-rated market. All FIRESWISS products sold by Glassopolis are UL Classified and pass all the required North American test standards. FIRESWISS is a high quality and high performance glass.

FIRESWISS is a specially fabricated multi-laminate fire-rated glazing material that not only survives a fire to protect against smoke, but also insulates against heat.
FIRESWISS outperforms other products in this category because it’s a solid multi-laminate glass. Unlike its competitors that are liquid or gel filled IGUs, this product will not leak or yellow over time. It’s the best choice.

FIRESWISS is listed for use in doors, sidelites, transoms, windows and wall applications. It is fully UL Classified and meets all North American building code standards. For 20 minute fire-doors thet use fire-protective glass see special product FIRESWISS LAM20™.


FIRESWISS is also available with additional laminated security layers. FIRESWISS SECURE is fully UL certified and tested for both fire and security. We can combine the fire protection of FIRESWISS with any level of SECURITY glazing, such as UL 752 Bullet Resistant or NIJ glazing. We can achieve any level of security protection you need, including bullet, blast, forced entry, detention, healthcare, mental institution, millitary transparent armour, etc. We have the UL testing and certification to produce the combination of fire and security you need. Contact us for more information on FIRESWISS SECURE


  • High performance fire-rated glass
  • Passes all required North American test standards
    • Barrier to heat: passes ASTM E-119 and UL 263
    • Usable in windows: passes UL 9
    • Usable in doors: passes UL 10C
    • Usable in temperature rise doors: passes (<250ºF)
    • Impact-safety: passes ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201 Cat I and II
    • Hose stream: passes required hose stream test
  • High optical quality: wireless and colorless with no yellow tint
  • Multi-laminate construction: stable and durable
  • Does not require expensive framing systems – ask us
  • Can be combined with any level of security glazing, including UL 752 bullet resistant and NIJ ballistics: FIRESWISS SECURE
  • Can be made into IGU's for exterior applications
  • Thickness: 5/8” - 2 1/8”. Weight: 8 -25 lbs/ft2




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framing options

How and where Fire-Resistive glazing is used is different from how you would glaze normal materials. It is important that the wall, frame and the Fire-Resistive glazing work together to form an entire wall that is meets the required fire-rating.


Our competitors offer metal framing systems but they can be very expensive. These are often specified for their style, not performance. There are inexpensive framing options available.


Glassopolis recognizes that many projects cannot afford expensive frames and for these projects we offer great value frameless options that can reduce the project cost significantly. FIRESWISS Fire-Resistive glazing can be glazed directly into a fire-rated wall assembly - no frames required!


Glassopolis tries hard to meet your needs and offers products that give you affordable framing options. FIRESWISS can be glazed without the need for expensive customized steel frames. Approved options include hollow metal windows and doors for certain fire-ratings. FIRESWISS can also be glazed directly into fire-rated walls. See Glassopolis for the latest approved framing options.


storage & Handling

Lites should be handled with care during transportation, storage, inspection, and installation. Lites should be stored in dry conditions only. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Stack upright or at a slight angle. Do not store below -20ºF or above 120ºF.



Lites shall only be installed according to approved fire-rated assemblies. Each lite should be inspected carefully before installation, and any pieces with visible edge or surface damage should be sorted out. Each lite must be glazed with its aluminum edge tape intact and undamaged. All glazing components and the stop height must be chosen according to the classification. The lite must be placed on hardwood, rubber or calcium silicate setting blocks and glazed using 3/8” wide closed cell PVC tape. Do not pressure glaze.

The production process may create certain optical imperfections. Since these do not generally impair the transparency or the technical performance of the product, they do not represent cause for rejection or replacement.

MAINtenance and care

Keep the lite clean. Use a soft, clean, non-abrasive cloth and pure water or special glass cleaning solutions. Do not use alkaline detergent solutions, acids, fluoridated agents or abrasive compounds. Clean grease with alcohol and rinse with pure water. After cleaning, rinse immediately with clean water and remove any excess water from the lite surface. Do not damage the aluminum edge tape. Keep edges dry.


Failure to comply with any of the Framing, Storage & Handling, Installation, and/or Maintenance & Care guidelines may void warranty and affect performance of the glass.


How to order?

Call Glassopolis with your project details and ask for a quote. We can supply just the fire-rated glazing, or just a framing solution, or both. Most vendors try to lock you into an expensive bundle of both glazing and frames. Glassopolis gives you more options and will help find the solution that best meets the needs and budget of your customer. Call Glassopolis today for a quote.



FIRESWISS Product Info Sheet

For 20 minute fire and smoke control doors see FIRESWISS LAM20™.





Backgrounder: What is fire-resistive glazing?

There are two categories of Fire-Rated Glass. They differ in what they protect against. The most common is called "Fire-Protective" which means it provides protection against smoke and flame. The second is called "Fire-Resistive" which also protects against smoke and flame but has the additional ability of protect against the transfer of heat.


We sometimes refer to Fire-Protective glass as 'thin' and Fire-Resistive as 'thick' fire-rated glass. We carry Fire-Protective glasses like SCHOTT PYRAN Platinum and PROTECT3 filmed wire glass, both of which are relatively thin. A Fire-Resistive glass like FIRESWISS is thicker because it is a multi-laminated glass.


Fire-Resistive glass is also commonly referred to as "Heat Barrier" glass. Fire-Resistive glass can pass test standards like ASTM E-119, UL 263, UL 9, UL 10C, NFPA 80, NFPA 252, etc.


Fire-Resistive glazing is a special fabricated glazing material that can survive heat to protect against fire and smoke but also insulates against heat to prevent burn through. It blocks heat, protecting people and valuables on the non-fire side of the glass where heat transfer might be a concern. It is listed for use in doors, sidelites, transoms, borrowed lites and wall applications with a fire-rating of up to 2 hours. Most Fire-Resistive products are both fire-rated and impact safety-rated.



There are several manufacturers of Fire-Resistive glazing, and their products differ. In general, the glazing is an assembly of several panes of glass with one or more layers of intumescent material (expands and goes opaque when exposed to heat). 


There are two main manufacturing methods for Fire-Resistive glazing. One method is to laminate many layers of thin glass each separated by thin layers intumescent material. This makes for a strong robust high quality multilaminate that performs reliably and is durable in the field. FIRESWISS uses this approach and has earned its reputation for high quality this way. The second method is to make an IGU and fill the IGU cavity with an intumecent gel or resin. This second method can produce good glass but runs the risk of that air bubbles in the gel develop over time.