Protect3 Safety Glass with Vision Lite Kit from Glassopolis

Protect3 Safety Glass with
Vision Lite Kit





For many years specialty high-compression tempered glass has been used in 20 minute fire and smoke control doors. But after Sandy Hook, architects and glass contractors have asked for a LAMINATED 20 minute fire-rated glass. They know that laminated glass does a much better job than tempered glass in resisting forced entry. Whereas tempered glass breaks easily or even spontaneously, it falls out of the door entirely, leaving a wide opening for intruders to enter. FIRESWISS LAM20, on the other hand is a laminated fire-rated glass that not only passes the required fire tests but it is also laminated for extra security and forced entry protection.


Using a tempered glass can render your lockdown procedures useless. Maintain control of your facility and use FIRESWISS™ LAM20™.



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FIRESWISS™ LAM20 from Glassopolis is a clear, wireless, fire-rated glass designed for 20 minute fire doors.


It is impact-safety rated to the highest standards (CAT II). It is a laminated glass that out performs specialty tempered products with enhanced safety and security.


  • Fire-rated to 20 minutes
  • Impact rating: ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201 (Cat. I and II)
  • Clear and wireless; made with low iron glass
  • Easy and safe to install in standard hollow metal doors
  • Large sizes available
  • Fully UL tested and UL Certified
  • Thickness: Approximately 7/16” (11 mm)
  • Weight: 5.6 lbs/ft2
  • STC Rating: -36 dB


  • Better security than tempered alternatives
  • Fully tested and approved 
  • UL labeled
  • Better sound control
  • No wires
  • Stocked for quick delivery


Max exposed area of glazing – In2
Max width of exposed glazing – in
Max. height of exposed glazing – in
Min. depth of groove – in
20 min NH Doors 4,608 48 96 5/8
20 min NH

Windows, Transoms, Sidelights

(with AHJ approval)

4608 96 96 5/8





FIRESWISS LAM20 can be installed in standard fire-rated steel hollow metal doors and doesn’t need expensive customized steel frames. FIRESWISS LAM20 is UL Classified to 20 minutes without hose stream for use in 20 minute fire doors. Consult your AHJ for applications; Glassopolis does not warrant any suitability for purpose



Each lite of FIRESWISS LAM20 fire-protective glass shall be permanently labeled according to code requirements with product and manufacturer’s name, UL Mark, fire rating, etc. Fire-rated glass can be labelled only by a certified and listed manufacturer such as Glassopolis. All certified and listed manufacturers meet rigid standards, undergo regular quality and procedural audits, and are re-listed on an annual basis. Glassopolis is required to make sure the glass you receive is properly labelled and meets the classification standards noted on the label.



Lites should be handled with care during transportation, storage, inspection, and installation. Lites should be stored in dry conditions only. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Stack upright or at a slight angle.  Do not store below  -20ºF or above 120ºF.


Lites shall only be installed according to approved fire-rated assemblies. Each lite should be inspected carefully before installation, and any pieces with visible edge or surface damage should be sorted out. Each lite must be glazed with its aluminum edge tape intact and undamaged. Do not install in locations subject to direct sunlight. All glazing components and the stop height must be chosen according to the classification. The lite must be placed on hardwood, rubber or calcium silicate setting blocks and glazed using 3/8” wide closed cell PVC tape. Do not pressure glaze.

The production process may create certain optical imperfections. Since these do not generally impair the transparency or the technical performance of the product, they do not represent cause for rejection or replacement.



Keep the lite clean. Use a soft, clean, non-abrasive cloth and pure water or special glass cleaning solutions. Do not use alkaline detergent solutions, acids, fluoridated agents or abrasive compounds.  Clean grease with alcohol and rinse with pure water. After cleaning, rinse immediately with clean water and remove any excess water from the lite surface. Do not damage the aluminum edge tape. Keep edges dry.



Failure to comply with any of the Framing, Storage & Handling, Installation, and/or Maintenance & Care guidelines may void warranty and affect performance of the glass.



FIRESWISS™ LAM20™ Spec Sheet

FIRESWISS™ LAM20™ - Laminated Glass for Safe Schools

FIRESWISS™ LAM20™ - Laminated is Better