Protect3 Safety Glass with Vision Lite Kit from Glassopolis

Protect3 Safety Glass with
Vision Lite Kit





For decades wire glass was the best fire-rated glass around. It survives a fire, but it was not impact-safe. In the last 10 years traditional wire glass has been phased out of the building code in the US. But its now available from Glassopolis in an upgraded format to fit back into the building code. Glassopolis applies an impact-safety film that is specially approved by UL to not jeopardize its fire-ratings. Its UL approved and affordable. Its called Protect3 Safety Glass.


Let GLASSOPOLIS be your company's supplier for Protect3™ Safety Glass. You can trust GLASSOPOLIS for expert advice, timely and reliable quotations including freight to your doorstep, flexible credit options, and industry-leading turnaround of product. GLASSOPOLIS offers full UL certification for all fire-rated products sold. Combined with our wide range of alternative and complementary products, we will exceed your expectations and help you grow your glass contracting business.





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Protect3™ Safety Glass from Glassopolis provides FIRE, SAFETY and SECURITY protection all in one. It’s an attractive and economical glazing solution for high traffic areas requiring fire-rated glazing. It’s perfect for schools, hospitals, institutions and commercial projects.


Protect3 Safety Glass is UL-labeled impact-safe wire glass that meets building code requirements


Protect3™ Safety Glass is a ¼” (6mm) thick glazing material consisting of fire-rated wire glass with a surface applied fire-rated and impact-safety rated film. It is UL tested, classified and labeled with fire-ratings up to 90 minutes with hose stream and has impact-safety ratings to ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201 (Cat. I and II). This product meets updated building code requirements (IBC 2003 and IBC 2006) and is listed for use in doors, sidelites, transoms and borrowed lites. For installation in fire-rated doors, Protect3™ Safety Glass is available in a complete vision lite kit.


  • Thickness: Approximately 1/4” (6 mm)
  • Weight: 3.0 lbs/ft2
  • Surface finish: Premium. Polished both sides
  • Optical clarity:  Very good. Optical quality
  • True color rendition (no yellow-brown tint)
  • Maximum sizes: Approximately 48” x 96”
  • Maximum installed sizes: depends on application and fire-rating required (see table)
  • Impact rating: ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201 (Cat. I and II)


  • Best Value!
  • Fully tested and approved 
  • UL labeled
  • Fire-rated up to 90 minutes with required hose stream test
  • Impact-safety rated to ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201 (Cat. I and II)
  • Security performance better than regular tempered or annealed glass 
  • Transparent 
  • Suited for use with standard fire-rated frames with the same rating
  • Conforms to positive pressure test standards



Max exposed area of glazing – In2
Max width of exposed glazing – in
Max. height of exposed glazing – in
Min. depth of groove – in
Up to 45 mins Doors, Windows 1,296 54 54 3/4
up to 90 mins Doors 100 12 33 1/2




Max exposed area of glazing – In2
Max width of exposed glazing – in
Max. height of exposed glazing – in
Min. depth of groove – in
Up to 45 mins Doors, Metal 2,856 34 84 5/8
up to 90 mins Doors, Metal 552 12 46 5/8
up to 60 mins Doors, Wood 960 12 80 5/8
up to 45 mins Windows and Sidelites 4,608 48 96 5/8
up to 45 mins Transom Lites 3,456 96 36 5/8



Each lite of Protect 3™ Safety Glass fire-protective glass shall be permanently labeled according to code requirements with product and manufacturer’s name, UL Mark, fire rating, etc. Fire-rated glass can be labelled only by a certified and listed manufacturer such as Glassopolis. All certified and listed manufacturers meet rigid standards, undergo regular quality and procedural audits, and are re-listed on an annual basis. Glassopolis is required to make sure the glass you receive is properly labelled and meets the classification standards noted on the label.



Protect3™ Safety Glass fire-protective glass should be handled with care during transportation, storage, inspection, and installation. It should be stored in dry conditions only and needs to be stacked upright or at a slight angle. In addition, the panels must be separated by an appropriate material, such as soft pads made of cork, and the bottom edge must be supported along its entire length.


For installation in fire-rated doors, Protect3™ Safety Glass is available in a complete vision lite kit.


Protect3™ Safety Glass shall only be installed into fire-rated frame and window assemblies carrying the same rating. Each panel should be inspected carefully before installation, and any pieces with visible edge or surface damage should be sorted out. All glazing components and the stop height must be chosen according to the Protect3™ Safety Glass UL classification. The panel must be placed on calcium silicate or hardwood setting blocks and glazed using Protect3™ Safety Glass classified pure silicone caulk or Norton V980 or Pemko FG3000. The installation of the framed unit must comply with the frame supplier’s instructions. Protect3™ Safety Glass is a specially developed glass, which fulfills the fire-protective rating requirements. The production process may create certain optical imperfections, such as bubbles or knots. Since these do not generally impair the transparency or the technical performance of the glass, they do not represent cause for rejection or replacement. Please call Glassopolis or visit for our related technical bulletins.



To maintain the aesthetics, it is important to keep the panel clean. A soft, non-abrasive cloth and a mild soap, detergent, or non-abrasive window cleaning solution is suitable for cleaning. After cleaning rinse immediately with clean water and remove any excess water from the panel surface. Also, do not allow any metal or hard parts of the cleaning equipment to come on contact with the panel surface.



Failure to comply with any of the Labeling, Storage & Handling, Installation, and/or Maintenance & Care guidelines may result in a loss of warranty.



Protect3™ Safety Glass Spec Sheet

Protect3™ CPSC 16 CFR 1201 impact-safety information


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