With access to a bigger selection of specialty products, you’ll be able to do more jobs. We’re always expanding our range of products, so you can expand your range of projects. Let Glassopolis help you win the jobs you never thought you could. With any specialty glass product, you’re bound to have questions. Our experts have the answers. Glassopolis puts you first with fast quotes, prompt delivery, expert service and flexible payment terms. Feel free to contact any of our product specialists with your inquiries today.



Who is Glassopolis?
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Fire-Rated Glass is used to prevent the spread of fire in locations as required under the applicable Building Code.  Glassopolis offers a range of fire-rated products that are fully tested and certified to full North American standards.
Lead X-Ray Glass is used to shield occupants from exposure to radiation in medical applications like hospitals, medical offices, and research labs and in security applications like airports, terminals, and other scanning environments.
Security glass is used provide a number of protective and privacy features. We offer switchable privacy glass and glass that can protect against fire, x-ray, heat, radiation, EMF, impact, bullet, blast, hurricane or any combination of these.
Fireplace glass is a range of special high temperature materials commonly used for fireplace, heating and high power lighting applications. Glassopolis supplies OEMs with these materials and can help you with custom and replacement applications.
Switchable Privacy Glass converts from clear to frosted at the flip of a switch. It is essential for hospitals, medical offices, conference rooms, shower stalls and anywhere glass is used and privacy is  needed.
Advanced Materials are glass materials with exceptional properties. These ain’t your Grandma’s green glass! Borofloat, for example, has high thermal and chemical resistance and is used in a variety of lab, industrial and commercial applications .
Our extensive experience and knowledge in the specialty glass industry helps us attract the best manufacturers in the business. So we’re always updating our product offering to help you become more competitive. Speak to a Glassopolis specialist to find out more about all of our other specialty glass products.